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Loft's work reference library

Our aim to keep abreast of the changing planning and Local Authority regulations so we can offer our clients best advise and assistance. We are often requested to assess certain aspects of the conversion process that perhaps gets over looked or taken as a 'given'. Certain questions and queries arise that perhaps need further in-depth responses. We list here certain items that our clients have found of benefit when undertaking their project.


Landlord attic adaption service

Across the many years of creating fabulous extra habitable space for his clients Kevin has identified the rental yield return possible from a simple attic conversion into a useable bedroom. Read more about the service LOFT can provide to landlords looking to add additional space to a property with an attic conversion.

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Why is DESIGN so important?

The DESIGN element of an attic is often a blend of aesthetics, accommodation gain/loss and budget impact. The objective of the loft adaptation needs to allow for all three of the constituent items listed above although relevant factors may have a prescient bearing — for example: the budget may, and often does, dictate the extent of the loft adaptation which in turn affects the accommodation gain and, possibly, the external appearance of the conversion …

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Do I require planning permission?

Many people/clients are under the impression that to convert their loft into habitable accommodation there is a requirement for Local Authority planning permission. This is not always the case! In the majority of cases the area that the client wishes to covert falls within the household demise and as such there may well be a 'permitted development' right available for the conversion to take place within.

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Can a three storey 'town house' have a LOFT Conversion?

It is often a pre conceived idea that three storey 'town houses' are unable to have a loft conversion. At the time of authoring the current Building Control regulations do not preclude the possible addition of a further 'storey' to a so called 'town house'. There are certain factors that one must investigate before advancing with an attic conversion within a 'town' house.

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Building Control Fire Regulations with LOFT

Undertaking an attic adaptation to form a habitable room, within a traditional two story house, will undoubtedly require the involvement of the Local Authority Building Control. At LOFT we embrace this involvement and aim to work closely with the appointed officers who oversee Building Control rules and regulations.

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Installing solar panels during the conversion

More often than not two of the main component elements within a LOFT conversion are roof alteration and heating/hot water adaptation. Over the past 2 years many prudent LOFT clients have sought to take advantage of the cost savings generated when combining their LOFT & heating/hot water conversion together with solar/photovoltaic installations and integrations. Partnering with our chosen green energy provider LOFT is able to offer an attractive package for the discerning customer.

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Retaining existing doors during a loft conversion

Doors to habitable rooms that lead onto/from the fire escape corridor (generally the stair passage from the new demise out to the front door) are an integral part of the Local Authorities' approach to potential fire containment. In essence, if there's a fire in a habitable room leading onto the fire escape passage can the door to that room be shut and effectively contain the fire for half an hour? If so then there's no need to upgrade or make those doors half hour fire retardant.

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LOFT 's professional partnerships

LOFT works with a wide variety of professional associations to ensure you, the customer, can have confidence in what we do. From BBS Building Control to to the Association of Building Engineers and from the Gas Safe Register to the SAFE Contractor health and safety accreditation scheme LOFT works had to maintain the highest standards for our clients. Some of these bodies are mandatory, others voluntary, but we feel it gives you the best guarantee possible.
Loft's Velux Certified Installer Partnership certificate

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Open plan ground floor and loft conversion

Open plan ground floor and loft conversion

Building Control and appointed Building Control agents cab see open plan living areas that lead to stairs to the first floor as an area of potential hazard for fire containment. At LOFT we have experience in this matter and can help.

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Trade bodies LOFT belongs to or works with:

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